How to plan a "Cake Smash"

How to plan a "Cake Smash"
Written by Baby Boho Collection

First off, what is a cake smash?
It's origins are not certain but what we do know is it has only become popular in AUSTRALIA in about the last 7 years when baby showers have also become popular. In this day and age of Instagram capturing the milestones in our life, how could one let the opportunity for a photo shoot pass us by?
A cake smash is a term to describe a ritual of sorts. It involves a cake and smashing the cake and eating it in a messy way. During this process pictures are taken and it is meant to be funny and enjoyable.
Obviously it is a popular activity to do for the first birthday and is generally done on or close to a birthday. Any age can do a cake smash. Some do it every year and capture the pics thus making a memorable tradition and photo op. Generally you dress up your child in fancy clothes then they kinda get messy from the cake. (when I read that out loud it is funny in itself). Some 1 year olds devour the cake and some look at it with strange looks on their face. These odd expressions and funny antics the kids get up to during their cake smash makes for great photos or video footage. I have seen kids walk up to the cake and sit on it. Some have so much fun and some little ones cry out in horror. There are some little ones that prefer to sit in the corner with a book and never get dirty. Some kids just don't want to touch it. When Mum or Dad show them it's ok and break a bit of cake for them to taste they usually will smile for a little while. Mums and Dads can get in on it to.

What do you need for a cake smash? You will need a cake.
Some parents spend hundreds on getting a cake made for the photo shoot but you can do a hack on a Woolworths cake covering a cheap mud cake in pink frosting or make one yourself. After all it is most likely going to end up on the floor. So you don't do it with their actual birthday cake that everyone is supposed to eat. (smiles) Just one specific for the cake smash event.
In saying that , you will need a space to do it and take your pics.
So a theme is needed. A colour theme , a cartoon theme etc.
Once you choose this, then you can design your space , outfit and cake.
Choose a colour your child looks good in. Then choose your theme. Think of a backdrop. This can be a sheet, a blanket, a painted wall or a photo backdrop. Some people do the cake smash in front of a tee pee outside or on a picnic blanket. You could cover a small wall in balloons. Be as creative as you want. Surprisingly a pink or blue sheet pinned to a wall at home can make and effective backdrop especially then if you just buy or make a banner and get some balloons.
If you Google "cake smash" to find ideas and inspiration giving you lots of motivation.

Choose to work with only a few colours. Any more and it looks too busy.
Pick a time your child is most happy and playful. Just before a nap and immediately after is not usually any good. Wait till they have woken up a little.
Plan with towels and wipes at the ready and ready to pop baby in the shower afterwards. Get some help and support with it.
Don't stress, have fun, and try different things to get baby to interact with the cake. Talk about it with them before hand so they get excited.
If it doesn't work one day , try doing it another day. If there is a small chunk taken out of the cake and your child just did not like it at the time then it is easy to pop the cake back in the fridge and try again the next day. Children's moods change and the second time they may be more receptive.
Dress baby up in something nice. There is loads of ideas to try out and so much fun to be had. A tutu set with matching headband is nice for girl But we sell many suitable outfits here at BABY BOHO COLLECITION. A playsuit and headband is effective or a tutu romper. Cake may stain the outfit. So be mindful of this.
Some parents just put a tutu and beads on little girls for this reason. A tutu can be washed out pretty easily and it doesn't get too damaged by the whole process.

Have some fun with it and as always take your cues from your baby. If they just don't like it you can always try dressing up their highchair and giving them a cupcake with colourful icing. Sometimes little ones find this less threatening and familiar.

Each cake smash is as unique as the individual child is and so yours is sure to be as special as everyone else's and the photos you get will delight you for years to come.